Walter McGerry, M.A., LMFT, LMHC

Psychotherapy in North Seattle

Seattle therapist Walter McGerry

Seeking therapy is a big step often motivated by a desire to improve your experience of life. Though life is not always easy, it can be navigated with courage, honesty and a deep sense of meaning. There are times when any one of us may feel discouraged or unable to embrace life. You may feel anxious, depressed, overwhelmed. Being awake in a world that is sometimes uncomfortable or even threatening can inspire a desire for support in the process of growing and deepening consciousness. At certain stages of life, you might question whether you belong. This can include relationships with family, friends, people at work, love interests and others.

You might be troubled by questions about your purpose in life. Or, you might feel that you don’t know how to enjoy. There can also be the feeling, “I’ve enjoyed life and contributed, and I will continue to do so, but which aspects of my own self have I not explored and perhaps even feel uneasy with? What about these aspects, now, as I approach the later stages of life?”

I can help you to address any of these concerns in therapy.

Our work would involve your coming to know yourself more fully, accessing inner resources to deal with the problems that bring you to therapy and integrating the apparently contradictory aspects of one’s self. This work amounts to a passage along a path of healing and growth toward wholeness.

We may work with your dreams, symptoms, complaints, feelings, relationships, fantasies, hopes and aspirations. We may discuss your past to the degree that it is an active influence in your present life experiences and interfering with your progress into the future. Our orientation would be to the present, our goal a better relationship to the future.

Outcomes depend upon your goals and may reasonably include:

  • a fuller acceptance of self,
  • more workable relations to others,
  • a connection to your own inner guidance and courage,
  • a sense of your own basic wholeness and goodness, and/or
  • a renewed sense of your belonging and contribution to the world.

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